I Dare You To Dare Me

Hi, I'm Klaye. Life is too short to not have fun. So as the title says, I dare you to dare me. A dare that may be considered stupid, silly, embarrassing, and amusing. And yet it must not be something too stupid. I don't want to end up in an asylum for the mentally incapable. :P I will be receiving dares and will reserve the right to decide on which one I will accept.

I will do your dare within a month and post a picture/video and story about it here. So, dare me!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Dare # 1 --- Laughing Loony Maniac

Hello, and welcome to my first post. Since someone has to yet see this site to dare me, I decided to ask my sister to dare me. And so, that was the birth of this video.
The following are the lines of conversation that took place during this video:

Dare Klaye
Dare # 1

One Day...
KB (Klaye Blayk): *runs in and stumbles* WAH! *comes up chuckling*
KS( (Kaye Si): I dare you...
KB: Huh?
KS: ...to go down to the guardhouse...
KB: *hahahahaha*
KS: ...screaming...
KB: *hahahahaha*
KS: ...creaming like a maniac.
KB: *laughs loudly* I accept your dare.
And So...they had a deal.
*shakes hands*
KB: *smiles broadly at camera* *hat falls off*
And now,...
KS: The dare...has begun.
KB: I'm going to be doing your dare...I'll run from here, to there...laughing like a maniac. *laughs crazily*
*laughs maniacally while running from house to guardhouse and back*
Dare completed, dare done.
*comes up behind Kaye Si and nudges her* I bet you didn't think I could do that dare. *laughs* I bet you. *laughs*
KS: What's the point?
KB: The point is, dare completed, dare done! *witchlaugh*

So, what do you think? Need to speak your mind? Have a dare? Comment it below! ^^


  1. I dare you two to go outside and spit on some ants until you drown them.

  2. um um um... ah i don't know! er, I dare you to stand in the middle of a public place and just start singing as loudly and as horribly as you can.

  3. The ants thing might take too long...I just watched a show in them and they said they can survive under water for 14 days!...I think you should eat one for us...they don't taste too bad!

  4. Hi! Thanks for commenting on my blog! I'm back... And very pleasantly surprised! (And very excited to NaNo along! ^^)

    So I dare you... Hmm. As to raise the bar a bit from insect-eating and street-singing... To go to a busy place in town (sorta like a Times Square thing, if you have that available... But any busy street would do) and ask a few people about the time, date and city you're in, being absolutely serious, and speaking in Victorian era British English.

    Should you accept this dare, you should first find appropriate clothing: not a royal dress, but something not as modern: no sunglasses, a long skirt, a nice blouse, a shawl... You know the drills xD

    Are you in or are you chicken? :P

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  6. Hi Klaye! I have a blog award for you: http://www.sherrybasherry.info/2010/10/ooohh-blog-love.html

    Thank you! :)