I Dare You To Dare Me

Hi, I'm Klaye. Life is too short to not have fun. So as the title says, I dare you to dare me. A dare that may be considered stupid, silly, embarrassing, and amusing. And yet it must not be something too stupid. I don't want to end up in an asylum for the mentally incapable. :P I will be receiving dares and will reserve the right to decide on which one I will accept.

I will do your dare within a month and post a picture/video and story about it here. So, dare me!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Dare # 1 --- Laughing Loony Maniac

Hello, and welcome to my first post. Since someone has to yet see this site to dare me, I decided to ask my sister to dare me. And so, that was the birth of this video.
The following are the lines of conversation that took place during this video:

Dare Klaye
Dare # 1

One Day...
KB (Klaye Blayk): *runs in and stumbles* WAH! *comes up chuckling*
KS( (Kaye Si): I dare you...
KB: Huh?
KS: ...to go down to the guardhouse...
KB: *hahahahaha*
KS: ...screaming...
KB: *hahahahaha*
KS: ...creaming like a maniac.
KB: *laughs loudly* I accept your dare.
And So...they had a deal.
*shakes hands*
KB: *smiles broadly at camera* *hat falls off*
And now,...
KS: The dare...has begun.
KB: I'm going to be doing your dare...I'll run from here, to there...laughing like a maniac. *laughs crazily*
*laughs maniacally while running from house to guardhouse and back*
Dare completed, dare done.
*comes up behind Kaye Si and nudges her* I bet you didn't think I could do that dare. *laughs* I bet you. *laughs*
KS: What's the point?
KB: The point is, dare completed, dare done! *witchlaugh*

So, what do you think? Need to speak your mind? Have a dare? Comment it below! ^^